Tuesday, 29 May 2018

hold your head up

Woke up thinking of this song:

Probably because yesterday on twitter before retiring for the night I was recalling the last 10 years of being marginalised and excluded by Scottish Recovery Network and DClinPsy academics at University of Glasgow, Simon Bradstreet and Prof Andy Gumley in particular, who are now working in partnership on the Empower project.  

Ironically because they both disempowered me, in different ways, from January 2008 when I set up voluntary organisation Peer Support Fife and my own website Chrys Muirhead Associates 

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to deliver recovery-focused training and consultancy from my lived experience of surviving psychosis and psychiatry since 1978.  I find it useful to externalise my annoyance, getting it out of my system, and have mostly got over the feelings of hurt at the betrayal.  

I slept well and think it's a positive demonstration of my resilience, to be able to talk about being undermined and badly treated last thing of a day, and for it not to affect my sleep.  Well done me!

I won't be stopping speaking out about it.  The cost of being sidelined, others preferred.  The pain of rejection and being bullied, silenced, blocked, sent to Coventry by highly paid Professors of clinical psychology and psychological therapies.  Attempts to make me feel "less than".  It shows the limitations of their discipline and how unsuited CBT, ACT and mindfulness are to working with a person through psychosis.  The lack of congruence, openness, transparency and accountability.  Small men, big egos.  I did expect more.  Och well, you live and learn.

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