Wednesday, 30 May 2018

flies in the ointment @ALLIANCEScot conference

1987 Titan Books pub; my Dad Willie Patterson

I don't expect to be the only beastie at the Alliance Scotland conference on Monday in Glasgow:

There will be other flies in the ointment speaking out with questioning and critical voices about their experiences of health and social care in Scotland, stories to tell of pain, loss, mistakes.  My testimony will be of psychiatric abuse and the lack of human rights in the treatment of people with mental health challenges.  The need for safer alternatives for psychosis, helping folk through rather than keeping them in a state of suspended animation with neurotoxins which caused disabling side effects and shorten lives.

Safe Houses for Psychosis blog


Jeff Hawke Titan Books publication 2008, my Dad Willie Patterson; Overlord
selfie by my Dad c1963 at our home 70 Pomarium, Perth

eulogy by Sydney Jordan Nov1986 in Counsel for the Defence

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