Thursday, 10 May 2018

Fife Health & Social Care Partnership: MH Engagement Event 15May18 Programme

Programme sent today 10 May 2018: 

Here is an Email I sent today, upon receiving programme, asking for information:

"Thanks for the MH Engagement event Programme.

I would appreciate information on all the topics under discussion so that I can make an informed decision about which table to join.  Eg links to documents or reports detailing what is happening in Fife regarding these MH areas.

I really don't know what's happening in Fife these days since my son and I were not given any community mental health support in 2012 after he was discharged from Stratheden Hospital in the April, having been locked in the IPCU/Ward 4 seclusion room, no toilet, light or water, for hours on end, unobserved, in the February 2012, for which I eventually won an Ombudsman case in September 2014 and an apology from NHS Fife.  

I completed a Carer Assessment form back in 2012 and also tried to access self-directed supported for my son but we got nowhere.

Therefore I really do need information about what's transpired in Fife over the last 6yrs in these areas mentioned in the discussion topics.  

Hope you are able to help.

Regards, Chrys"

Here is the first Email I sent on 8 May, as a reminder after MH Focus Group meeting, 1 May, about sending information out, to both Carolyn Walker, Public Health Practitioner, Health Promotion Service, who facilitated focus group and Julie Paterson, Divisional General Manager (Fifewide), Health & Social Care Partnership, who spoke at the focus group meeting:

"Dear Julie, Carolyn

 I am writing to ask for information as mentioned at MH Focus Group last Tuesday, so as to prepare for the MH Engagement event next Tuesday 15 May.

Any notes, minutes or reports about Integration Joint Board, working groups, MH SIG, or links to these on websites, re MH, so that I can be informed before the meeting.  

Is there an agenda or programme for 15 May?  Are there any documents or strategies that will be referred to?

Looking at the MH Focus Group notes handed out re Development Dec16-Mar18 have you got any information about Peer Support?  Eg there was a SAMH PS worker at the meeting last week but I don't know anything about what's going on there.  I did attend a SAMH meeting on PS in St Andrews, 15 January, but there were only paid workers from SAMH who attended, housing support, and no peer support volunteers or even the PSW.  It talks about an "event hosted" re PS group, and a report to the MHSIG, do you have any info about this?

There is mention of "rebalancing care agenda" can you please send me information about this?  Thanks.

Anything else that I don't know about, in terms of Fife Health & Social Care Partnership's work in mental health I'd appreciate receiving information, minutes or reports about.

Thanks, Chrys"


Received information by Email this evening 10 May at 9pm from Julie Paterson which is also being sent to MH Focus Group members, some of which I already had plus additional documents about Early Intervention, Rebalancing Care and Integrated Joint Board Report.

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