Wednesday, 7 March 2018

"I have declined your request to attend (Mental Health event)" #KennyMurphy, CEO Fife Voluntary Action

Emails received late afternoon from Fife Voluntary Action:

"Dear Chrys,

This is an automated e-mail from Fife Voluntary Action about your request for a place at the following event/session:

Help us shape mental health and employment services in Fife, Cupar, 15/03/2018 - Volunteer House

Unfortunately we have had to decline your request on this occasion.

This is normally done when you don't meet the criteria (for example, if the event is only for board members, or third sector staff, or there's a limit to the number of bookings from each organisation). There can be a range of reasons for declining booking requests. Sometimes, people accidentally book more than one place, so we decline any duplicate requests. If you'd like more information then please do contact us.

Thank you once again for showing an interest in one of our events.

Thank you,
The Team at FVA.

and from Kenny Murphy, Chief Executive


This raises a number of questions about Fife Voluntary Action in respect of governance, management, leadership, transparency, inclusion, equal opportunities, discriminatory practices, monitoring and evaluation of funding awards in relation to processes and outcomes etc.

I have Emailed Dr Margaret Hannah, Director of Public Health, NHS Fife, to ask for information about FVA funding and governance, as it was Dr Hannah who informed me of this event and recommended that I should attend.  And have copied in relevant others, including Fife Councillors who I know, my MSP and MP.

I plan to attend the 'Help us shape mental health and employment services in Fife' event in VONEF, Cupar, disregarding the unreasonable response from Mr Murphy. 

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