Sunday, 18 March 2018

another FOI request trying to find out about NHS Fife Psychology in Psychosis

Another Email FOI request sent today about Psychology in Psychosis, NHS Fife:

"Dear Mr Kellet

I am writing to ask for further information about Psychology in Psychosis (PIP). 

This year I am continuing to research safe haven crisis houses in the UK and Ireland, to find out the benefits of avoiding psychiatric inpatient treatment, how this may achieved, developed in Scotland, for people coming through psychosis.  For my family since the 1950's our treatment when experiencing psychosis has been coercive, retraumatising, disabling, painful, taking away our human rights, in every decade since then, until now.  I want to see better, humane, person-centred support for my family in the future when they happen to find life traumatic and require help through psychosis or altered mind states.  Avoiding stigmatising and discriminatory diagnoses and labels which dehumanise.

Here are some questions which I hope the Psychology Service NHS Fife can answer so as to help with my understanding of what PIP in Fife consists of:

  • what types or approaches of psychological therapies are practised by clinicians in Fife who work with people coming through psychosis? eg CBT, IPT, mindfulness, ACT, psychotherapy, psychodynamic
  • when does a person experiencing psychosis engage with a clinical psychologist in Fife? eg does this, can this happen in NHS Fife acute wards before patients are given any neuroleptic meds? are there any patients experiencing psychosis in the community who engage with psychology services in NHS Fife? I am trying to find out if anyone experiencing a psychosis can be helped through without becoming a psychiatric inpatient
  • I would like to know what the different psychologist "roles" are (apologies if I'm not very clear about terminology, I'm not sure what's on offer in Fife, having only engaged with Clinical Psychologists since 2003) eg are there Counselling Psychologists, Psychotherapists; Psychodynamic Counsellors, Cognitive Behaviour Therapists? Or other therapist job titles.  I'm keen to know if psychologists employed by NHS Fife have experience in a wide range of approaches and therefore can be flexible in working with, alongside people/patients experiencing altered mind states, psychosis and extreme emotional distress who still have insight.  [I came through another psychosis in 2015 avoiding psychiatric treatment, had insight, reasoned through altered mind states.]

I'm copying in Doctors Cheshire and Baty, for their information, hoping that they can help enlighten me as to the choices available in Fife for people experiencing psychosis.  In my family's experience it was neuroleptics first, coercively given if we resisted, and we only were offered Clinical Psychology when on neurotoxins, sedated by drugs, meaning that listening therapies were mostly ineffective.  

I want to see a turnaround in the treatment of psychosis, in Fife and Dundee where my family live, to begin with.  I do believe that psychosis is transitional, a journey, an escape, which, with the proper support and help for the person to understand their journey and what led them into a psychosis, can be life enhancing and strengthening.  That was my experience in 2015/16 and far less traumatic when avoiding coercive medications/neurotoxins.

I look forward to hearing a response to my FOI request.

Regards, Chrys"

I've forwarded this Email on to DClinPsy academics in an attempt to rattle their cages, make them care about people experiencing psychosis who don't want to be drugged with neurotoxins, and their Mother Carers.


26 January 2018: FOI request: Step on Stress; Psychology in Psychosis; NHS Fife

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