Sunday, 4 February 2018

requesting Edinburgh University Library access to help with Safe haven crisis House research: refused

Email just sent to Dr David Gillanders, Academic Director, DClinPsy Programme, University of Edinburgh:

"Dear David

Edinburgh University Library 21Mar17
I am writing to ask if you can arrange for me to have online access to University of Edinburgh library resources, journals, papers, books and also so that I can borrow paper copies, as required, to help me with my continuing research into Safe haven crisis Houses?

Since my PhD was withdrawn I cannot now access journal articles or borrow books, to help me learn and to be informed about different models of psychotherapy.  This is a hindrance as I cannot afford to buy books or take out journal subscriptions.  I want to explore a range of psychoanalytic psychotherapies for psychosis, to learn and to understand more for when I visit crisis projects.

Edinburgh University Library 21Mar17
I hope that this may be possible as I can get down into Edinburgh with my bus pass or by train, off peak with my senior railcard for £5.65 return.  My action research will involve visiting safe havens and crisis houses in England, Wales and Ireland, which I will self fund, as cheaply as possible, travel and accommodation, visiting a few projects, including peer/survivor led, when in an area.  Ultimately I hope to visit some European initiatives, if I can afford it.  Otherwise I will be gathering information and evidence by Email and researching online.

As intimated, I'm taking a break from APEX, it wasn't a positive experience for me, remembering the feelings of being silenced for speaking out about my son's abuse in Stratheden IPCU, February 2012.  I can understand that the voices of other service users, survivors and carers are important too.  I have other ways of speaking out and having a voice, fortunately.

Copying in other DClinPsy academics and clinical tutors for their information, Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology, NES, also my MSP and MP.

Regards, Chrys

This Email will go in a blog post."

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