Friday, 2 February 2018

reshaping the Matrix for Psychosis; researching Safe Houses, psychoanalytic approaches

Another Email sent this morning to Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology, NHS Education for Scotland, on the back of the one sent to Professor Gumley on reshaping the Matrix for Psychosis:

"To add, Judy.

In addition to researching Safe haven crisis Houses I will be exploring psychoanalytic approaches to psychosis which help people come through, transition, altered mind states and acute sensitivities, resisting the biomedical model of mental illness, coercive drugging/medicating, risk of relapse scaremongering and the blaming of Mothers.  It's been my experience that Clinical Psychology in Scotland holds the coats of the systematic abusers by silencing the voices of the abused, practising avoidance, distraction techniques, reinforcing dogma, narrowing the corridors to learning and keeping people tied in to a patriarchal system, infantilised, fearful of independence.

I've found the book 'History Beyond Trauma' by Francoise Davoine and Jean-Max Gaudilliere to be inspiring and educational, having met these psychoanalysts in person at Goldsmiths, London, in February 2011 (Gaudilliere has passed on):

you might describe me as self-taught, still learning about psychoanalytic psychotherapy, having practised it in 2015 when coming through another psychosis myself, avoiding psychiatry.  

I hope to live long and to work on this project for 20yrs or more, by which time you will all be retired with your big pensions, I wish you well on it. 

Scotland needs a paradigm shift in working with mentally distressed people, folk who externalise their distress after life trauma.  I believe this is achievable, it's why I invited Bob Whitaker to speak in Cupar, 19 November 2011:

I look forward to the time when we will have wider corridors of learning and a variety of approaches to working with psychosis, academics and civil servants who are open and respectful to survivor Mothers and Others, who appreciate questioning voices and who do not misuse and abuse their power, because they can.



Robert Whitaker, Anatomy of an Epidemic, public lecture Cupar, Fife, Scotland, 19 November 2011 from Chrys Muirhead on Vimeo.


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