Sunday, 28 January 2018

reshaping the Matrix for Psychosis: Dear Professor Gumley ...

Here is an Email just sent to Andy Gumley, Professor of Psychological Therapy, University of Glasgow, and Contributor to the NHS Education for Scotland Matrix:

"Dear Professor Gumley

I want to be involved in reshaping the Matrix document in the area of Psychosis because in my experience of over 50 years, family and personal, what is contained within the "evidence tables" does not chime with our experiences, 8 of us over 7 decades in 3 generations.

I am writing to you because it's your name displayed as the Contributer for Psychosis, although as far as I'm aware you have no personal experience of psychosis or of psychiatric treatment so your "evidence" is secondhand, not real.

I am concerned about the narrowness of the "interventions" on offer for Psychosis in the Matrix document.  I experienced another psychosis in 2015, avoiding psychiatric or psychological intervention.  Rather I journeyed through with the aid of companions, practising transference and counter-transference, virtually, and working through the altered mind states by reason.  I didn't share most of the thoughts with my clinical companions, although we did share other information and imaginings.  I've learnt over the years of engaging with psychiatry, more recently clinpsy, to reveal very little because of how it might be interpreted, as symptoms of illness rather than sensitivity due to life trauma and it's accompanying emotional and physical breakdown.  It's a matter of trust I suppose.

Therefore I believe that psychoanalytic psychotherapy should be included in the Matrix, a wide range of voices of lived experience central to the reshaping, allowing more freedom of expression and opportunities for recovery and transformation, avoiding interference and coercive treatment.

I'm quite determined about my involvement in new ways of working with psychosis in Scotland.  I've got grandchildren now and they matter very much to me.  I don't want them abused by the system too.

Copying in Judy Thomson and relevant others.

Warm regards, Chrys"

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