Saturday, 6 January 2018

looking ahead

14 September 2016, MH Strategy event Edinburgh
Looking ahead this year I want to focus on researching Safe Houses for Psychosis, gathering stories and information about safe havens and crisis houses in the rest of the UK which might benefit Scotland.

I visited ESTEEM early intervention psychosis (EIP) Project Glasgow on 11 October 2017, meeting with Team Leader Ivano Mazzonchini, and it was a positive experience.  I don't want this to be lost in the negative stuff which followed, that very day, on the way back home, in a letter from the Glasgow DClinPsy Programme Leader.  I complained, it wasn't upheld.   

I think that EIP projects can be a useful alternative to psychiatric inpatient treatment and wonder why the Esteem model wasn't taken up by other health boards in Scotland.  It could have benefitted my sons 2008-2012, in Fife and Tayside, avoiding coercive polypharmacy and locked seclusion room abuses.  Water under the bridge.  EIP for 18-35yr olds is only available in Glasgow and after 1Feb12 I've had to campaign for justice and care for my son singlehandedly, until this present day.

Written in an Email recently:

"I believe that psychosis is transitional, not a disorder, and can be a journey, an escape, a positive and uplifting experience if reasoned out, worked through and helped by companions who are equals, without agendas.  People who are willing to share in an Other's pain and imaginings, and in so doing are part of the psychosis journey.  Transference and counter-transference.  Level playing fields.  Being human."

Safe Houses for Psychosis, that's my vision and hope for the future.

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