Monday, 22 January 2018

FOI Response : DClinPsy funding Glasgow/Edinburgh Universities: what stood out for me

Here is the response, received today, to the FOI Request to NES about DClinPsy programme funding Glasgow & Edinburgh Universities I sent to Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology, NHS Education for Scotland, on 22 December 2017:

Here are the points which stood out for me:
  • Nearly £2million per year 2017-8 awarded to Glas/Edin Universities for DClinPsy training; 179 trainees in total; it's not a lot of money when compared to the cost of psychiatric inpatient treatment, at least £3000/person/week in Stratheden Hospital, Fife, more if low or medium secure ward.
  • mention of NES developing a "confidential trainee survey" which is interesting, has it been difficult for trainees to give honest feedback?
  • "number of trainees we can afford" regarding decisions about funding; I wonder what impacts on this?  is it just a matter of budgets or do they fund other psychological or psychotherapeutic training?
  • "There is no requirement for trainees to continue to work in Scotland post qualification."  I'm surprised by this, considering the cost of training, the fact that trainees are paid to do the doctorate; it doesn't make good business sense, in my opinion.
  • I have found that the teaching materials at both universities are not openly available for perusal and I suspect if I made an FOI request that I wouldn't get to see them.  The secrecy is a concern.  What have they got to hide?  I've been told it's to do with "intellectual property" but it seems a lame excuse.

23 December 2017: FOI Request NES: DClinPsy programme funding Glasgow & Edinburgh Universities

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