Friday, 5 January 2018

FOI requests: more about the process than the outcome

Mr Gray on twitter
Blog post 6 December 2017: 20 questions on clinical effectiveness at Stratheden Hospital 18 July 2012 containing an FOI Request to Paul Gray, Director-General Health and Social Care/Chief Executive of the NHS Scotland

"Can you please let me know if "recording of use of seclusion, incidents etc. to track change over time in terms of the patient safety agenda" has happened since my son was abused in the locked seclusion room of Stratheden IPCU nearly 6 years ago? 

I would like details of this and the Scottish patient safety agenda, in respect of restraint, seclusion, abusive incidents, human rights issues of locked-in patients.  How this has improved since 2012, how patients and carers are being listened to now, we weren't back then.  And any other information that would help me to understand how things may have, hopefully have, improved for people experiencing mental distress or psychosis and entering Stratheden Hospital voluntarily as a patient, to be supported through psychosis and extreme emotional distress.

I would also like to know how unwaged Carers are being better supported than I was in 2012 after whistleblowing about the locked seclusion room's human rights abuses: no toilet, no light, no water, locked up for hours in the dark, unobserved.  Physical, mental and sexual abuse by Nurses, invading bodies, face down restraint in faeces and urine, as ways of "managing" locked-in seclusion room patients who have shouted for the toilet but not been heard because staff were down the corridor in their staff room, out of hearing and out of sight.  Resulting in glandular infections and series of verrucas, broken hand still needing treatment after psychiatric discharge.  I had to listen to the flashbacks from the abuse for years, my son lives with me.  We got no other support apart from occasional psychiatrist appointments.  Abandoned by community MH services, despite completing a Carer Assessment form.  Unpopular for speaking out about psychiatric abuse and neglect.

This is an FOI request."

Here is the letter FOI response I received 21 December 2017, containing links to the Scottish Patient Safety Programme, Scottish Government and Carers Trust Scotland websites (it didn't enlighten me as to actual improvements within Stratheden Hospital).  And a screenshot of letter:

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