Friday, 26 January 2018

FOI request: Step on Stress; Psychology in Psychosis; NHS Fife

This is an FOI request sent by Email to Dr Katherine Cheshire, Head of Psychology, NHS Fife:

"Strapline: FOI request: Step on Stress; Psychology in Psychosis

Dear Dr Cheshire

This is an FOI request.

I would like a digital copy of Step on Stress course, which I attended in St Andrews, the 3rd one yesterday evening.  I have concerns about the materials being promoted and need a digital copy so as to write a critique about it, detailing my concerns and suggesting a more balanced approach to supporting people who are stressed.

Secondly I heard about PIP, Psychology in Psychosis, which is based at Stratheden Hospital, from a woman who attended the Step on Stress course yesterday, and would like detailed information about this course:

  • materials used, their focus, philosophy, references, approaches, processes and any other information which would help me understand what NHS Fife is promoting, regarding psychology in psychosis.
  • who the target group are for PIP?  Is it people in the community, patients in hospital, outpatients, patients referred by GPs, self referrals or whoever?
  • when did PIP start up, how was it formed?  Who are the staff running this course, what are their backgrounds, philosophy, qualifications, experience etc?  I am keen to get a picture of who is leading this initiative.  [I remember Clinical Psychologists in Fife who had their own pet projects which influenced the way that my family were treated, negatively]
  • how is PIP monitored and evaluated?  How do you collect patient feedback and ensure that it's independent, that there is space for a person to be critical, honest, without it affecting their future access to psychological therapies in Fife?  [it was our family's experience in Fife since 2003 that if we didn't like the psychological therapy on offer and made any critical remarks then we got nothing else, we were in fact banished for speaking out]

I will put this FOI request into a blog post and am copying in Judy Thomson, NES, Scottish Government civil servants and ministers, plus relevant others, for their information.

Regards, Chrys"

Step on Stress Session Three 'Manage your Mind' p8

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