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DClinPsy Lesson #1 Hands Off 16Jan18

going into DClinPsy CUSP meeting 4Jul17
15 January 2018: This is the first in a series of short talks to Clinical Psychology Trainees at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, in the first instance.  I've been banned from teaching DClinPsy trainees at the University of Glasgow by programme director Hamish McLeod, backed up by Andy Gumley, which has spurred me on to do this, to have an influence and to resist their dogma and discrimination.

I will likely add to these talks in future, putting in links to information and other blog posts.

Gartnavel Hospital
Hands Off

When working with patients, clients, people, please do your best not to manipulate, direct or be prescriptive.  I've seen some of the DClinPsy teaching materials and watched role play videos on CBT which, from my psychiatric survivor Mother perspective, are counter-productive to independent thinking, too interventionist.  

When I was a mental health service user what I needed most was someone who treated me like an equal, believed in my ability to recover and shared information that would help me take back control of my life again.  I didn't need parental guidance or patriarchal decision-making, or for a Clinical Psychologist (ClinPsy) to compare me to their Bipolar Mother and offload their own thoughts and meanderings (2003, Fife).  That was unhelpful.  Fortunately the CPN was helpful when she came to my home for a visit, shared her life with me, believed in me.  

Maybe coming into my home made a difference.  Seeing something of my personality and potential, who I was underneath the psychiatric drug cocktail which had reduced my agency and made me dependent on the system.  That there was a human being under the skin & drug treatment.  This is important, I think, seeing the person for who they are, and listening, with no other agenda but to be of help.


Protesting about being marginalised by ClinPsy academics, in front of the MH and Wellbeing Unit, Gartnavel, Glasgow where the DClinPsy Programme is based: "I didn't find it pleasant being in a psychiatric hospital, was always coerced, so I'm looking to research Safe haven crisis Houses ..."

9Sep17 doing a peaceful protest

In Cupar, food shopping, my rucksack with bags inside to carry messages home in the bus.  Can't afford to run a car now, since the end of 2015, after 40yrs of driving.  It's costly to speak out about bad practices in mental health and to be an unwaged Carer, singlehandedly supporting my son after we whistleblowed about the human rights abuses of the locked seclusion room, Stratheden IPCU, Fife.  NHS Fife benefited, receiving £4.4million from Scottish Government.  It definitely doesn't pay to be a MH campaigner in Scotland.

8Nov17 at Cupar Rail Station passing through

Risk of relapse in psychosis: facing the fear, resisting mental illness

My Opinion Piece published in Psychosis Journal, October 2017: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17522439.2017.1381757

Link to complete article

"In my experience psychosis was a journey from one place to another, necessary and transitional, in response to life trauma. I believe that we are all on the psychosis spectrum but only some of us will require respite and a break from everyday existence. Preferably a safe haven and secure base from which we can rise again, stronger than before, wiser and more able to face the next challenge that life brings to us."

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