Thursday, 21 December 2017

"they seem to prefer victims"

I said this in an Email to a friend yesterday, when speaking about the DClinPsy user/carer group at Edinburgh University.  The Glasgow one is similar except they use more constraints to keep members in check.  And they like you to be grateful for any reimbursement.  Cap in hand. 

Although the ClinPsy male academics on occasion write about resilience they don't appear to appreciate it in person, in the teaching or in critical feedback on their pet projects. 

leaving Mental Health & Wellbeing unit 4Jul17
I've been banned by the new Professor at the Glasgow DClinPsy, Programme Director Hamish McLeod, from teaching trainees because of his colleague Prof Andrew Gumley raising a complaint.  However I suspect (maintain) McLeod's excluded me because I was critical of his Anhedonia work.  The psychiatric drugs flattened me, not the "mental illness" Dx label.  I got off the drug cocktail, bounced back, but still have the label.

I've been victimised in psychiatric settings but that doesn't make me a victim. 

I suppose the DClinPsy training is geared towards working with psychiatric system victims or conscripts, to accepting the status quo and the various theories propagated to justify biological psychiatry and the blaming of Mothers.  Eg Attachment Theory, Risk of Relapse, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  All of these with the aim, in my opinion, of keeping people in their place, as "less than".  A hierarchy of needs with Professors at the top and the mentally ill at the bottom of the pile.

Whereas I actually think it's the academics who are the most needy.  They need us to depend on them, to feed their egos, to appreciate their beneficence and to know our place.

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