Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I have a need to know that my son's suffering was not in vain; that my whistleblowing has led to improvements for others.

Addendum to Email sent yesterday to Paul Gray, Director-General Health and Social Care/Chief Executive of the NHS, and Others, requesting information about healthcare improvements for patients and carers accessing Stratheden Hospital, Fife:

"To add.

I have a need to know that the human rights abuses of my son in Stratheden IPCU/Ward 4 February 2012, physically, mentally and sexually, were not in vain.  That his suffering has helped others.

I also want to know that my whistleblowing, and the bullying and silencing by others, that I've had to contend with since 2012, on speaking out about psychiatric human rights abuses, has led to improvements for other patients in Stratheden Hospital, and for other unwaged Carer Mothers like me.

It's not been easy speaking out and getting bullied, sometimes assaulted by others because of their own pain.  In fact it's been very hard to survive it.  The isolation.  The blaming, in reports, in words, face to face, behind my back.  Getting financially poorer in the process.  While others retire early on their big pensions, compared to my basic State pension and no Carers Allowance or benefits.


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