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FOI Request NES: DClinPsy programme funding Glasgow & Edinburgh Universities

Email sent to Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology, NHS Education for Scotland, on 22 December 2017:

Strapline: FOI Request: DClinPsy programme funding Glasgow & Edinburgh Universities

"Dear Judy

I am writing to request information about the funding awarded to Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities for hosting or running the DClinPsy Programmes.  This is an FOI Request.

I would like to know the amount of money awarded to each university and what are the expected outcomes from this award.  Eg the numbers of trainees, range of subjects taught, what health boards are expected to contribute (resources, placements, time, staff etc).  And any other information that will help me understand how NES monitor and evaluate the quality of the training, the value for money, feedback from trainees and how this is independently gathered (so that they can speak honestly about the programme without fear of it affecting their future employment). 

I would like to know how the amount of funding awarded each year is calculated.  For example I have heard, when attending APEX meetings over the years, that sometimes more money is given by NES one year than another.  Is this linked to the demand from health boards or to other factors?

I would like to know if there is any requirement on the trainee who is funded by NES to work in Scotland when qualified.  How many years do they have to work in Scotland before leaving to work in another country or go home?  I remember teaching a class of 2nd year trainees at Glasgow MH and Wellbeing Unit, 8 May, and there were quite a few who were from other European countries.  Maybe a quarter of the class, or more, were not from Scotland.  I know this because we spent some time at the beginning of the class introducing ourselves.

I would like to know how many staff at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities are funded by NES solely, or part funded.  And how this works out in practice.  Although I have engaged with both DClinPsy programmes since September 2009, on and off, I am still not very informed about the structure or "make-up" of the staff numbers.  I do know that Clinical Psychologists from different health board areas come in to lecture and to do CBT/IPT workshops (Glasgow) because I was involved in these, 2014. 

For your information, I have now taken a break from the APEX volunteers at Edinburgh and was expelled from Glasgow CUSP after 4 July this year by Prof Andrew Gumley and banned from teaching trainees by Professor Hamish McLeod.  I am obviously very disappointed at how I've treated by the Glasgow academics and would use the word "betrayal" to describe how I feel.  This affected my participation in APEX which led to my retreat.  I'm a qualified reflective practitioner and educator, in communities and FE settings, and had always hoped to be involved in faciliating learning, teach DClinPsy trainees. 

I drew this 14Sep16 MH Strategy meeting Edinburgh
Regardless of my disappointment at being marginalised, I'm still interesting in the DClinPsy training programme because of my focus on Safe House alternatives to psychiatric hospital treatment for people experiencing psychosis and mental distress.  Listening therapies are so important, I think, as a way of being with a person as they transition a reactive psychosis due to life trauma.  I also firmly believe that psychiatric survivor voices teaching and mentoring psychology students is key to a wider understanding of mental wellbeing and recovery. 

I plan to continue researching Safe haven crisis Houses in the UK and Ireland in 2018, myself, hoping to visit some and to gather information by Email and online, eventually compiling a report on my findings.  With the aim of being involved in developing Safe Houses for Psychosis in Scotland for families like mine who didn't appreciate coercive drug treatment and unsafe practices within psychiatric settings.

Regards, Chrys

cc DGHSC office; Colin Brown"

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