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careless discharge

21 December 2017 BBC Scotland News: Patient died after being sent home in taxi 

"A health board has been criticised over the care of a woman who was sent home alone in a taxi from hospital (May 2016) in the middle of the night and who later died.

Staff at Monklands in Airdrie also missed abnormal blood test results for the 78-year-old patient and failed to offer her pain relief.

The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) said she was shocked by NHS Lanarkshire's actions in the case.

She has ordered the health board to apologise to the woman's family."


A report of investigations into unsafe discharge from hospital: Parliamentary Ombudsman (NHS England) May 2016

"The people whose stories we tell in our report experienced suffering and distress as a result of poor or absent care. Tragically, some have died and their families want to know what has been learned and what will change as a result of their complaints.

By sharing their stories we want to shine a light on the failings that we have seen and contribute to the national debate about how to improve people’s experience of leaving hospital. ..." Dame Julie Mellor DBE 


My son was discharged from Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on 6 December after a lung operation with a chest drain still in, no instructions about self management, insufficient pain relief and no information for me his carer.  When I phoned in to Ward 102 the Sister in charge admitted that they had sent my son home to an empty house, didn't know he lived with me.  Which makes it even worse, their lack of duty of care.  

I had fallen on Princes St, Edinburgh, and injured my ribs when taking my son into the ERI by public transport on 26 November so didn't visit as much as I would have done if uninjured. But it shouldn't require a family member or carer having to chase up information about patient discharge from Ward 102 at ERI. 

I decided not to raise an official complaint, wasn't confident of my voice being listened to, based on past experience of NHS complaints.  It can be a lottery.  I'd noticed that the ward conditions were cluttered, that some Staff Nurses were defensive, others were unhelpful when I phoned or spoke to them in person.  It seemed that they were under pressure, systems management an issue.  There were many notices up on walls in the ward, various "tools" for working with elderly patients and other procedures for nurses to follow.
However I did raise concerns on twitter with the Chief Nursing Officer at Scottish Government, wanted to log them somewhere, as feedback evidence:

in foyer of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

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