Monday, 23 October 2017

"I will have to raise complaint with University, you leave me no option"

Email just sent to Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology, NHS Education for Scotland, regarding bullying letter sent to me from Dr Hamish McLeod:

"Dear Judy

I am very unhappy that NES is not supporting my complaint about the bullying letter from Dr Hamish McLeod.  

I would prefer not to have to raise another complaint, it's very stressful for me as an unwaged Carer.  If I'm stressed then my son gets stressed, he lives with me.  However you leave me no option but to raise a complaint with the University of Glasgow.  I cannot let this go.  Although I suspect that, as with Edinburgh, my complaint will not be upheld.

Again it feels very unfair that I should have to do the work of NHS Scotland, for nothing, in fact it will cost me.  As usual.

It's very distressing but I have to continue with the complaint.  You didn't support me last time I asked for your help.  It's very disappointing.

I discussed it with my son, he got distressed about it.  As with last time.  It's never-ending, the stress caused by Scottish Government civil servants failing to act on behalf of unwaged Carers and mental health service users.  We are on our own when it comes to abuse and bullying. 

Regards, Chrys

cc Dr Hamish McLeod, Prof Andrew Gumley, Prof Jill Pell, Paul Gray"


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