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Formal Complaint to NHS Education for Scotland: "I've been judged on hearsay and tittle tattle"

Dr McLeod on left, 13May13 [Innovations at Lighthouse]
Today I sent a formal complaint by Email to Ms Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology, NHS Education for Scotland, about the bullying letter I received from Dr Hamish McLeod, DClinPsy Programme Director, Mental Health and Wellbeing Unit, Gartnavel, University of Glasgow:

Strapline: Fwd: Letter about involvement with the Glasgow DClinPsy programme: raising an Official Complaint with NHS Education for Scotland

"Dear Ms Thomson

Please see forwarded letter from Dr McLeod, Programme Lead at the DClinPsy MHW unit, Glasgow, which I received on 11 October and read on Friday the 13th.  I expected it would be negative and it was worse than I'd imagined.

I wish to raise a complaint about this letter, the tone, the slanderous attacks, the undermining of my character and the upset it caused me, and is still causing me.  I want to complain about the fact that Dr McLeod has never sat down and spoken with me about these allegations.  He hasn't interviewed me or invited me to defend myself in person.  I've been judged on hearsay and tittle tattle.  It's very unfair.

I don't deserve this disrespectful letter from a Clinical Psychologist senior academic in Scotland.  I contend that Dr McLeod is unfit to lead a training course of would-be Clinical Psychologists.  Scotland needs well-trained CPs who can listen to people with lived experience, and their carers.  To listen and not judge.  To listen and care.  DClinPsy programmes need survivor voices teaching and leading, a variety of stories, to inform trainees and prepare them for therapeutic listening.

For over 8 years I've tried to be meaningfully involved voluntarily in the Glasgow CP training programme and have continually been marginalised.  I'm an unwaged Carer and pensioner of 65yrs.  I write and campaign voluntarily so as to improve MH services in Scotland.  So that other Mothers won't be blamed for psychiatric abuse.  To promote safer alternatives to coercive drugging and risky practices within psychiatric settings.  To research and develop Safe haven crisis Houses in Scotland so that my family and others will be free from harm and lack of care when experiencing psychosis, altered mind states and emotional distress due to life trauma.  

Please accept this Email as an official complaint which I want NES to investigate on my behalf.  I am concerned that CP trainees will be at risk of receiving the same bullying treatment if they speak out about the teaching or have an independent voice.  They deserve better.  And so do I.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

Chrys Muirhead (Mrs)

cc Paul Gray, Geoff Huggins, Prof Gumley, Professor Pell

Pages 367-368 | Received 11 Sep 2017, Accepted 11 Sep 2017, Published online: 06 Oct 2017

Protesting peacefully at Mental Health & Wellbeing Unit Glasgow 21Sep17:

Robert Whitaker, Anatomy of an Epidemic, public lecture Cupar, Fife, Scotland, 19 November 2011:

Chrys Muirhead
Safe Houses for Psychosis
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'Hard to reach: Coercive system or defective gene?' DCP-Scotland Review Aug17

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