Tuesday, 24 October 2017

'Degrading Treatment' paper by Hunter Watson Oct17 #ECHR #HumanRights

Received by Email from Scottish human rights campaigner Hunter today, sent to Government Ministers, Civil Servants, Academics, activists and others:

"... any individual who had been detained on the basis of a short-term detention certificate would seem to have an excellent chance of raising a successful action against the Scottish Ministers as Robert Napier had done over a decade ago on the grounds that his treatment as a prisoner in Barlinnie had violated his Convention rights. The then Scottish Executive had failed to appreciate that "The ECHR is, in the words of the European Court of Human Rights, a 'living instrument' which must be interpreted in the light of present-day conditions" (section 3.3 of the Guide to the Human Rights Act). It is my hope that the current Scottish Government will be aware of this fact and give a positive response to the Public Petitions Committee when it comments on my petition PE01667 as requested by that Committee.
                    Best wishes,
                              Hunter Watson"



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  1. living in an environment where people can come and inject you with mind altering drugs which can lead to untimely death or unconsciousness at any time for any or no reason gives rise to feelings of fear and alarm. I was injected during my sleep regularly and could not understand where the drugs were from until I woke to find a young woman creeping about my room with a loaded syringe. Stuff of nightmares. Honestly.


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