Saturday, 16 September 2017

Switching Antipsychotics by MMH for CME in NHS Scotland

Here is a link to presentation slides for a Continual Medical Education (CME) session 'Switching Antipsychotics' delivered to NHS health board psychiatrists in Scotland last week, by John Donoghue, Clinical Pharmacist, fictional book author and owner of company Medicines in Mental Health Ltd.

On the first slide Mr Donoghue promotes his fictional book 'The Death's Head Chess Club' using the opportunity of a captive audience to rake in more money from his links to big pharma:

Second slide Donoghue pushes his business:

Finally third slide the Clinical Pharmacist sets out his objectives:

I contend that these objectives are not achievable.  Antipsychotics are powerful, toxic chemicals and there are no safety guarantees when it comes to "switching" the drugs.  It's the patient/person who has to "manage" and live with adverse side effects which do occur every day they are on these mind and brain altering drugs.  I know this from personal experience of taking Chlorpromazine and Risperidone, managing to taper and get off the drugs on 3 different occasions, against "medical" advice.

As a psychiatric survivor and carer of family members who have been disabled and abused by coercive psychiatric drug treatment I am disgusted by the profiteering of this "clinical pharmacist".  Science fiction masquerading as "medical (medication) education".

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