Saturday, 30 September 2017

Surviving Psychosis/Psychiatry teaching 8May17 Mental Health & Wellbeing Unit Glasgow

I was invited by Professor Andrew Gumley to teach on the Psychosis module, 2nd year Clinical Psychology Doctorate (DClinPsy) at the Mental Health and Wellbeing Unit, University of Glasgow, 8 May 2017, for which I received an honorarium and travel expenses.

Here is a link to my presentation, delivered from 10am to 4pm with an hour for lunch:

Surviving Psychosis/Psychiatry: Resilience, Resistance, Recovery; Rescue, Respite, Risk, Renewal



I had expected to be involved in module planning and in co-writing papers but this never happened.  It's disappointing but I'm not surprised.  I first attended a Service User Research Group meeting with Dr Ross White and Prof Andrew Gumley in the MH & Wellbeing unit, 9 September 2009, over 8 years ago, and this came to nothing.  Wasn't invited back or included in any research.  In a sense I've got used to being excluded although it doesn't stop me speaking out and expecting at some point that my voice will be heard, respected and included.  I'm not worth less.

"Walking from Haugh Park, Cupar, to the Garden Centre, by River Eden, reflecting on my preparation for Psychosis module teaching, 8 May 2017, to trainees on the Clinical Psychology Doctorate programme, Mental Health & Wellbeing Unit, University of Glasgow, Gartnavel Hospital: 

Topics of Resilience, Resistance, Recovery, Rescue, Respite, Risk, Renewal. I was invited to teach, facilitate learning, from the lived experience or survivor perspective. My qualifications include postgraduate reflective practitioner awards in Community Education and Teaching in Further Education, Care subjects."


"Speaking out about my attempts to be meaningfully involved since September 2009 on the DClinPsy (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology) programme, University of Glasgow, based in the Mental Health & Wellbeing Unit, Gartnavel Hospital. About feeling marginalised."

"Two short talks to camera after speaking out in front of the Mental Health and Wellbeing unit, University of Glasgow, Gartnavel Hospital. Talking about expectation and hopes, resilience and worth. 

"I think everyone should be treated the same. I'm not worth less because I'm stronger or more resilient. It just means I'm still here."

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