Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Safe [haven crisis] Houses for Psychosis research & development

my drawing MH Strategy meeting Edinburgh 14Sep16
I should have been starting a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Edinburgh this month, to research Safe haven crisis Houses in the UK and abroad.  Unfortunately it didn't work out.  Very disappointing and disheartening, at the time.  It felt like I was being set up to fail, undermined and unsupported.
MH Strategy Glasgow 13Sep16

I've put the PhD idea on the back burner for just now but I'm still keen on doing action research into safe house alternatives to psychiatric inpatient treatment.  This will require the backing of a team, can't do it on my own or I would.

I hope that help will be forthcoming.  I'm not confident.  The years of campaigning and whistleblowing have been isolating.  Speaking out about psychiatric abuse as an unwaged Carer has been costly, both financially and relationally. 

Regardless of the marginalisation I've experienced since 2008 when first getting involved in mental health matters, I am focused on promoting, researching and developing Safe Houses for Psychosis in Scotland for as long as I can.  A legacy for my family.

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