Friday, 14 July 2017

#ECT training by SEAN at £150 a go for doctors; half price nurses/students

Flyer advertising 'Electro-convulsive Therapy [ECT]' training by the Scottish ECT Accreditation Network [SEAN]:

Q: it says "90% of patients who receive ECT in Scotland improve", improve what?
[compliance?  their manners?  putting up with bad treatment without complaining?]


[there is no information on the SEAN Reference Group of Users and Carers page on website]


Scottish ECT Accreditation Network Annual Report 2016; A summary of ECT in Scotland for 2015
Summary & Key Findings page x

  • "23% of all patients receiving ECT had expressed a specific preference for the treatment" which means that 77% didn't want it but were pressured or coerced
  • "43% of patients receiving ECT had previous responded well to treatment" which means that 57% didn't respond well to ECT previously
  • 62% gave informed consent to having ECT which means that 38% objected to having ECT and were given it coercively
page 1 from SEAN report 2016
"just over 10% of people receiving ECT were aged over 80 years, while this age group accounts for only 4% of the population" 

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