Friday, 2 June 2017

FOI Request ESTEEM Early Intervention #Psychosis Service @NHSGGC

On 28 May 2017 I sent this FOI Request to Ivano Mazzoncini, Team Leader, ESTEEM Early Intervention for Psychosis Service, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde:

"Dear Mr Mazzoncini

This is an FOI Request about the ESTEEM project, NHS GGC.  Please can you forward to the appropriate person in your health board area.  Thank you.

Here are the questions I have, so far:

Can you please send me all the information that is available about the ESTEEM Project in the last 5 years, including annual reports with details of finance (amount awarded each year, spent etc), budgeting, cost per patient/service user, medications used, types of psychological therapy given, testimonies of service users/patients, and any other information which will help me to be informed about ESTEEM.

I would like to know how referrals to ESTEEM are made, who makes them, can people self-refer?  How long does it take for referrals to be acted upon?  Have you got service user/patient/carer feedback about your service?  I'd like details from the last 5 years, preferably in the person's own words if possible.

I would like to know the "make-up" of the ESTEEM team eg psychiatrist, psychologist etc.  Who is the first port of call when a referral is made?  What is the assessment process for a person/patient?  

I would like statistical reports of the ESTEEM service from its beginning until now, showing numbers of people referred, worked with, avoiding psychiatric inpatient treatment etc.  To understand the cost-effectiveness of ESTEEM compared to inpatient treatment which I know will be in the ballpark of £3000/person/week (which is approximate figures for NHS Tayside and NHS Fife psychiatric inpatient treatment).

Does ESTEEM support coercive drug treatment?  Eg depot injections or acuphase clopixol.  Does ESTEEM offer only psychological therapies to patients/service users who express a wish for this?  Or are medications/antipsychotics the first port of call when a person is psychotic?

I am very interested in the availability of choices for people who are referred to ESTEEM.  Is there CBT for psychosis on offer?  I would like any reports on the effectiveness of CBTp for ESTEEM clients/service users.

Other questions:
  • are there any independent assessments of ESTEEM?  monitoring and evaluations done by other NHS GGC departments or external agencies
  • have there been any critical incidents to do with ESTEEM?  eg suicides, accidents, failures in care
  • how long has ESTEEM been ongoing?  how was ESTEEM set up?  has the management and organisation of ESTEEM changed since its early days?  if so, how?
  • how does ESTEEM advertise its service?  [I ask this because it's difficult to find anything about it and when I've contacted you for information you haven't responded]
  • what are the aims and objectives of ESTEEM? 
  • how do you promote ESTEEM beyond your health board area?  share good practice and mentor other mental health professionals; I'm interested in what you're doing to encourage other Scottish health boards to practice EIP.

I look forward to receiving a response to my FOI Request about the ESTEEM project.  So as to be more information about this early intervention psychosis initiative in the North area of Glasgow.

Regards, Chrys"


7 April 2016: The Glasgow ESTEEM early intervention service #Psychosis #Recovery

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