Saturday, 17 June 2017

attachment: detachment

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Doing housework tasks & garden tidy-up today, reflecting on mental health involvement.  Thinking of attachment/detachment.  The latter I've found to be prevalent within some areas of Clinical Psychology (CP), ironically.  Much is preached about Attachment Theory yet what I've witnessed is detachment in practice by some, whether underpinned by Mindfulness or a reaction to it.  Don't know.

Lavender back garden
However I've seen some prime examples of academic and practice-based "detachment" in CP "professionals".  They seem to switch off in regard to the pain expressed by people who have been abused in psychiatric settings.  A clinical gaze [blog post from 2015] resulting in blank expressions, determined actions to make a patient or person conform to their "therapy".  I've noticed this since first engaging with a CP in Stratheden Hospital, Fife, and it has continued to be the case in my experience.  

Fortunately not all are like this or it would feel hopeless in regards to shifting an abusive paradigm.  I've seen in other CPs a reflection of my pain, an understanding and a solidarity.  Which gives me hope and confidence that positive change will happen despite those who have retreated into detachment, for whatever reason.

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