Tuesday, 16 May 2017

FOI Request Early Psychosis Support Service CAMHS NHS Lothian

Yesterday I sent this FOI Request to Richard Mutch, NHS Lothian, about the Early Psychosis Support Service (EPSS):

"Dear Mr Mutch

This is an FOI Request about the CAMHS Early Psychosis Support Service.  


[I am copying in Prof Matthias Schwanner and Dr Helen Griffiths, both Consultant Clinical Psychologists at EPSS, for their information]

I would like the most recent copy of the annual report for EPSS and any other relevant published details about outcomes, treatments, statistics, medications used, psychological therapies given, demographics, philosophy and anything else which would help me understand how the EPSS works.  Their recovery focus, outlook in terms of young people who access the service.  Whether any young people are given therapies without psychiatric medication.  What position the CPs hold within the service and how they were chosen.

I would like to know the funding per year to run EPSS, including budgeting details, money spent on medications/drugs, cost per patient/week, and any other funding information which would help me understand the cost benefits of EPSS.  Do the academic Clinical Psychologists involved get any payment for their work since they are primarily employed by the university?  If so, how much?

I would like to know about psychiatrists working in EPSS.  How they are assessed and what their focus is, in terms of treatment.  Whether they promote mental health recovery or maintain that the young people engaging with EPSS have a "lifelong mental disorder". 

I would like information about any Case Studies or Reports which include quotes by young patients/service users and their carers, in their own words.  Especially anything critical or questioning.  A balanced report.

I would like to know what links there are between EPSS and the University of Edinburgh, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry departments.  Questions I have are: who decides which academic CPs are involved in the CAMHS EPSS unit?  Are there any systems in place to account for lack of satisfaction for CP therapies?  How can young people and/or their Carers transparently complain about CPs or doctors without it adversely affecting their treatment?  Are CPs only involved with EPSS patients AFTER being medicated.  Are psychiatrists the first port of call for EPSS patients?

I would like to know the systems for monitoring and evaluating EPSS, how negative and critical feedback can be safely given without it impacting negatively on the patients, clients or carers.  

Have there been any critical incidents related to the EPSS service?  If so, may I have a copy of the reports. 

How does the service first make contact with young patients, is this by referral, self referral, or other?  

I hope that this request is self explanatory.  If any further explanation needed then please do get in touch.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


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