Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Case Ref: SG7468: engaging with Stephen Gethins SNP MP North East Fife

 Notes for meeting 3 March 2017 with MP Stephen Gethins in Cupar Tesco Cafe:



I had requested a meeting with Stephen Gethins MP North East Fife to discuss our recent aborted interview with Atos Healthcare and very stressful DWP letters prior to Christmas, demanding that my son complete ESA and PIP forms or his benefits might be cut.  

Firstly I phoned Mr Gethins' office, spoke to Steven Marwick who told me to write an Email, which I did, got no response, so resent.  Eventually I received this response last night at 7.52pm, out of office hours:

to which I responded this morning, copying in various others:

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