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people without capacity don't require advocacy: said psychiatrist Stratheden IPCU 9Feb12

Stratheden Hospital blog started July 2012
or words to that effect, from Dr Bill Dickson, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, RMO, Stratheden Hospital IPCU, at the first meeting I had with him over a week after my son was transferred in his underpants and bare feet, broken hand and bruising, from Lomond Ward, Stratheden, by porters in a minibus.  I witnessed this from car park at approximately 4pm.  Didn't know about the broken hand or Midazolam injection.  Or that he had been assaulted by a nurse prior to face-down restraint.

I also didn't know about the locked seclusion room, no toilet, no water, in the dark, for hours on end, unobserved.  Yet I'd been engaging with Stratheden Hospital since 1995 when my first son was an inpatient of Lomond Ward, had a critical incident with ECT.  Then was an inpatient myself in Lomond, 2002.  

The locked seclusion room in Ward 4/IPCU.  Naughty step.  Dirty secret.

I set Dr Dickson straight about the need for advocacy for mental patients, particularly those deemed to be "without capacity" and proceeded to advocate for my son whenever he asked me to.  At clinical meetings headed up by Dickson in the IPCU.  On one occasion Dickson lost the head after my son sat on his chair, had his jacket on back of it.  Dickson said to my son: did you not notice my jacket?  Of course he did.  That's why he sat on the doctor's chair.

Dr Dickson retired end of March 2012 then got supply work at Carseview Dundee psychiatric unit.  
front page Scottish Sunday Express 5Oct14
Psychiatric Patient's Treatment Slammed; Express Sunday 5Oct14

back door IPCU/Ward 4 2012, where I had to enter ward, other folk got in front door

19 July 2012 Courier article

photo taken by me Jul12 Stratheden grounds
cigarette ends left by Stratheden staff on pavement outside back of IPCU 2012

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