Sunday, 18 December 2016

remembering Celebrating Recovery conference Cupar Fife April 2008

which I organised voluntarily, Scottish Recovery Network funded, attended by over 120 people; the event which got me involved in the recovery movement, mental health peer support and the meaningful involvement of service users and carers; the opposition I encountered over the years led to my becoming a writer, activist and campaigner, identifying as a psychiatric survivor.  Alongside unwaged Caring and whistleblowing.  

It's interesting to reflect back on how it all started.  I was 55 at the time and a qualified, experienced community education worker, about to gain another postgrad award in FE Lecturing Care subjects, graduating Jun08.  Had recovered 3 times from psychoses and coercive psychiatric treatment, tapering drugs under my own steam. 

poster designed by me, also printed out 120 copies for delegates

From left to right: Simon Bradstreet, Prof Phil Barker, his wife Poppy Buchanan-Barker, Susan Archibald, me with clipboard & notes, Ron Coleman; I organised publicity, venue, invitations & everything on the day

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