Wednesday, 10 August 2016

FOI Request Responses from @ScotGov re SRN/Penumbra funding & MH Unit governance

Request made to Scottish Government's Director General NHS Scotland Paul Gray on 30 June 2016 via Twitter in the first instance, regarding the funding awarded to Penumbra to "host" Scottish Recovery Network.  Response by Niall Kearney, possibly Head of MH Improvement although not sure, ScotGov, on 18 July 2016.  Which told me very little apart from the £475,000 given to Penumbra.  The rest appears to be a secret.  

I did hear from Geoff Huggins, Acting Director of Health & Social Care, ScotGov, back in around 2011 when he was Head of the MH Division, that SRN was "legally part of Penumbra".  Whatever that means.

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I had asked a Scottish Government person on the MH Strategy team for a website link to information about the Mental Health Unit Staff team, their tasks, responsibilities, on 3 August 2016.  This became another FOI Request, I assume because there is no link for the public on the government website to any info about who is running the mental health brief for Scotland.  Another secret it seems.

Here is the FOI Request Response by Penny Curtis, Head of Mental Health & Protection of Rights Division, ScotGov, dated 9 August 2016:

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It is concerning that Scottish Government's Mental Health Unit Leadership does not appear to be open to scrutiny or to be transparent in their actions.  I contend that civil servants working for the Scottish public should be accountable to the public for what they do, or don't do.

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