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resilience: we owe it to ourselves to give it oxygen; good parenting

my Mum at home in Perth c1960's
I was just reading an old blog post I'd written about my mother who died in 1998 aged 68: 'resilience: nature or nurture?' and noticed the last paragraph: 

"So I believe that resilience is natural and requires nurture to keep it alive and strong.  We owe it to ourselves to give it oxygen."

Today is my father's birthday, he would have been 87 years old but died in 1986, 30 years ago, in the October, in London.  

Blog post 1May15: 'remembering my father Willie Patterson: author of sci-fi strip Jeff Hawke; one in a million; 1986 dedication Titan Books'.

my Dad at home in Perth c1963
"Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes. Psychologists have identified some of the factors that make someone resilient, among them a positive attitude, optimism, the ability to regulate emotions, and the ability to see failure as a form of helpful feedback. Even after misfortune, resilient people are blessed with such an outlook that they are able to change course and soldier on." Psychology Today

Granny & Grandpa Patterson 1964
I think I'm a resilient person, having survived puerperal psychoses twice, separated from my babies and children, forcibly drugged, had to stop breastfeeding, and then again at the menopause when leaving my childbearing years behind.  Making a full recovery after each episode, under my own steam, with the help of family and friends. More recently taking up cudgels as a mental health writer, activist and campaigner, to challenge psychiatric abuse and support my sons in mental health recovery. 

I have to thank my parents and grandparents for passing on the resilience genes/characteristics, the ability to bounce back after adversity, the stubbornness of character, the determination to stand fast and to not back down from a fight.  They fostered those traits and allowed me to develop into an independent thinker, to take my time in growing up, to remain a child for as long as possible.  Providing a safe haven and secure base from which to fly the nest.  I was fortunate.


June 1986 Titan Books (my copy)
April 1987 Titan Books (my copy)

Jeff Hawke: Overlord; Amazon UK

Jeff Hawke: Ambassadors; Amazon UK

"Widely considered as one of the most important sci-fi comic strips ever published, "Jeff Hawke" is a benchmark in intelligent, adult-oriented storytelling!Jeff Hawke's not your average space-hero; focused on reasoning, diplomacy and moral virtues instead of brute force, he is frequently forced to be the ambassador - rather than the saviour - of mankind! His universe is populated with alien species that meet humankind by accident or for commerce, but hardly ever for invasion.Patterson's subtle wit makes the strip's plots and characters as fascinating as they are amusing, and Jordan's highly expressive style fully captures the strangeness of the weird and wonderful aliens of Jeff's universe!"

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