Thursday, 5 May 2016

Psychiatry in Scotland @RCPsychScot; The Blind Leading the Blind

Here is a screenshot of a painting I captured and captioned after reading a blog post via @RCPsychScot this morning, also some tweets at the time:

The Blind Leading the Blind: Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1568


I found it upsetting to read the trainee psychiatrist's take on his work, the medical gaze, the assumption that people in crises have mental illness rather than the person struggling to cope in difficult circumstances.  The scientific gaze, the person like a specimen on view, to be examined, a source of entertainment.  Reductionism in action.

Who is responsible for the teaching of Scottish psychiatrists, passing on bad habits and reinforcing stigma?  Who is to blame in psychiatric academia for reducing people/patients to symptoms and behaviour management?  Why are so many academic psychiatrists in cahoots with Big Pharma? 

A doctor friend said to me "It is harmful nonsense. No wonder I am scunnert!".  I agreed.


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