Saturday, 28 May 2016

'Coercion, Psychosis, Medication & Power: A personal formulation of liberation' @MinoritiesGroup 5July16 London

The Minorities in Clinical Psychology Training Group’s Third Annual Conference 5 July 2016; British Psychological Society, Tabernacle Street, London

My presentation strapline (thanks to Guilaine Kinouani):

Coercion, Psychosis, Medication & Power: A personal formulation of liberation


"I was very fortunate to have a mother who was a homemaker, seamstress, knitter, gentlewoman, a good listener, kind, bonnie, had a sense of humour, intelligent, financially astute, hardworking, organised, and who lived with a Schizophrenia diagnosis and a Depixol depot injection every 3 weeks for over 20 years until the day she died with dignity in March 1998, aged 68, before her time.

My family are in solidarity, 8 of us in 3 generations over 60 years (that I know of), having experienced psychoses and coercive drug, and shock, treatment, taking each other in and out of psychiatric hospitals because we had no other choice: my mother and father, two younger sisters, three sons and me.  

I will speak about the pain of living, expressing pain through psychoses, being silenced by psychiatry for feeling pain and being forced to take the medicine if resistant.  The patriarchy of psychiatry which claims to act in loco parentis, takes away agency but fails to protect or keep safe their offspring.  The infantilisation of their conscripts.  Patients and staff.

I don’t believe in mental illness after seeing my mother in the locked ward of our local mental hospital in 1970 when I was 17.  Distressed women shut in together, including a mother who had killed her child.  I came away from visiting crying myself.  Meeting with male psychiatrists who said I had an old head on young shoulders.  I probably told them what they wanted to hear.”



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