Saturday, 9 April 2016

troublemaker? No. Hardworking, financially poor, campaigner, writer, activist, carer, survivor.

It still rankles that a Professor on a wage of around £90K/annum (compared to my basic State Pension) should accuse me of being a troublemaker.  When the job he does is part-funded by NHS Fife and based at Stratheden Hospital.  And has likely been influenced by the whistleblowing and campaigning work that I've been involved in.  Which has cost me, in terms of time and money.  Benefitting Fife health board to the tune of £4.4million, keeping other people in work. 

Some academics don't appear to have a clue as to how the other half lives.  Psychiatric survivors and mental health service users, and their carers, having to fire fight, pick up the pieces when nurses aren't doing their jobs properly.  Health boards aren't funding mental health treatment properly.  Under-resourced.  Over-stressed.  Blaming families for system failure. 

Mental health nursing programmes are not centres of excellence if they don't involve campaigners and people with lived experience who are questioning individuals with sometime critical voices.  Rather they prefer to insult the grassroots activists and change agents, keeping them on the sidelines.  With the result that nothing is likely to change, abusive cultures continuing.

I recommend that the Professor desists from this type of behaviour and looks to improving his attitude and the way that he engages with women and mothers who have been at the sharp edge and survived the experience.  

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