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Ask Once Get Help Fast: SAMH Manifesto #SP16: Crisis Care Agreement; ESTEEM; safe havens

Ask Once Get Help Fast: SAMH Manifesto Scottish Parliament Election 2016

[Storify of tweets on the night: #AskOnce Dundee Hustings 14Apr16 #SAMH #SP16: mothers united; safe havens; choices;]

"Scotland should rightly aspire to become a world leader in the field of mental health. That is the challenge we are laying down to all political parties ahead of the Scottish Parliament Election in 2016.

We know that each year one in four of us in Scotland will experience a mental health problem. For some of us this can have the most profound impact on our physical health, our work and relationships, often affecting our wellbeing and quality of life.  In this manifesto, SAMH calls for a 10-year strategy to start in 2016 which transforms the mental health of people living in Scotland. The 2012-2015 Mental Health Strategy set out 36 commitments and yet we have still to see a comprehensive report on its delivery during the lifetime of the strategy. Although there has been progress in some of the commitments there have also been shortcomings. The strategy was inadequately resourced.  Nor was it constructed in a way that allowed annual progress to be reported and monitored with plans put in place for remedial action on failing approaches. 

However, significant challenges remain – people often don’t get the help they need quickly enough and may be passed from pillar to post. Although mental illhealth hits all genders, ages and socioeconomic groups, statistics tell us it is three times greater in areas of socioeconomic deprivation. Our mental health system still focuses on the acute side of care, rather than early intervention or prevention. ..."

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