Friday, 18 March 2016

Psychiatric abuse. No justice. Coming to terms with it. Or not.

The other day I wrote an Email about psychiatric abuse, no justice and coming to terms with it.  Doing therapeutic activities, hobbies, exercise, fitness, to keep well.  Living with the fact that the perpetrators of the abuse got away with it.  My campaigning would help others but wasn't benefitting me, financially or otherwise.  I'm not interested in empire medals or keeping in with the powers that be.

However the reality is that I won't ever be coming to terms with the injustice of psychiatric abuse, the "family history of" labels justifying stigma, discrimination and coercive drug treatment.  Going voluntarily into psychiatric settings only to be forcibly injected with antipsychotics or mental health acts used to make me swallow the pills.  It's just not good enough.  

So I will continue to speak out, wherever and whenever.  Promoting alternative ways of working with people in psychoses and mental distress.  Persisting.

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