Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Developing a National Early Psychosis Network in Scotland: Survey @EdinburghUni

An Email received today from Jane and Paul Hutton, co-organisers of recent #PsychosisScotland conference on Understanding Psychosis, 26 February 2016 (my storify of tweets on day): 

Dear all,

Thank you so much for your attendance and contributions to our recent ‘Understanding Psychosis: Advances in Psychological and Early Intervention Approaches’ conference.

I very much enjoyed being part of the day, meeting at least some of those who attended and listening to all of the excellent talks.

There was a clear message throughout the day that Early Intervention in Psychosis is a recommended and effective approach for people experiencing a first episode of psychosis.  Despite this, there is a huge inequality across Scotland in terms of access to these services.

We want to develop National Early Psychosis Network to tackle this inequality.  We are looking for a strong representation from experts by experience and from a broad range of professional disciplines.  As a national network, we would look to establish leads in each health board across Scotland and together build a cohesive strategy to address these important issues and ultimately improve service provision for people experiencing a first episode psychosis in Scotland. 

We have put together a survey to establish interest in such a network and begin to tally up what I’m sure will be a huge resource of expertise and experience.  

Please follow the link below to access this: 


We have also included questions to help gauge the level of support for 2 key statements:
  1. People experiencing a first episode of psychosis should have equal access to evidence based, multi disciplinary, early psychosis services. 
  2. A commitment to early Intervention in psychosis should remain in the Mental health strategy for Scotland
Please do circulate this survey across your networks, far and wide!

Best wishes, 

Jane Hutton"


27 February 2016 blog post: #PsychosisScotland conference 26Feb16 Edinburgh: tweets via Expert by Experience

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