Sunday, 28 February 2016

"Thank God for Clozapine": @Davidiris1 GP Dr Shiers #PsychosisScotland 26Feb16: I don't agree

I don't agree that we should thank God for Clozapine.  

Dr David Shiers, retired GP from England, was interviewed by Prof Andrew Gumley at the Psychosis Scotland conference, 26 February 2016 in the Assembly Hall, Edinburgh.  Prof Gumley should have interviewed me on stage to give an alternative viewpoint, to bring balance.

I speak as an unwaged carer and mother of 3 sons who have experienced psychoses and coercive psychiatric treatment, and who has another family member on Clozapine.  A toxic, disabling drug which affects balance, blood levels and walking abilities. 

I am also a psychiatric survivor, having experienced psychoses and coercive psychiatric treatment in 1978, 1984 and 2002.  Making a full recovery by tapering the drugs under my own steam, against the advice of psychiatry.

I had to take my 3 sons into psychiatric settings and advocate for them.  At times they had suicidal thoughts.  At other times they were at great risk, given cocktails of 5 neuroleptics, subject to sub-human treatment in psychiatric settings.  My youngest son locked in a seclusion room of a locked ward, no toilet or water to drink, in the dark, broken hand, left unobserved for hours:

Scottish Sunday Express 5 October 2014
HOSPITAL HORRORS: Patient locked in cell with no toilet, food or water 


Tweets from Psychosis Scotland event, Dr Shiers and Prof Gumley:

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