Thursday, 11 February 2016

psychosis: a voyage of discovery; completed on return to normal world; coming back with different insights

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From page 128 in 'I haven't had to go mad here' by Joseph H Berke, 1979, Penguin Books:

Because psychosis is cyclic it has often been described as a "journey" or "trip".  Gregory Bateson, the anthropologist, remarks, 

"It would appear that once precipitated into psychosis, the patient has a course to run.  He is, as it were, embarked upon a voyage of discovery which is only completed by his return to the normal world, to which he comes back with insights different from those of the inhabitants who never embarked on such a voyage.""


16 May 2014: enjoying reading 'Cradling the Chrysalis' and 'I Haven't Had to Go Mad Here' - 2 sides of the same coin?

"I believe that there is a place for the psychodynamic and psychotherapeutic approaches in working with people in altered mind states and psychoses.  I'd like to see the drug "therapies" moving aside to let the talking therapies in to the mix.  

It will require action from health boards and government to create the breathing/talking space.  With agitation from the experts by experience at the grassroots.  So that a redistribution of power is achieved in psychiatric settings.  Nothing about us without us."

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