Saturday, 6 February 2016

new blog page: 'Staying Well After Psychosis' @andygumley @MatthiasHSS

link to book on Amazon UK
This is a new page devoted to the study of 'Staying Well After Psychosis: A Cognitive Interpersonal Approach to Recovery and Relapse Prevention' by Andrew Gumley and Matthias Schwannauer, 2006, John Wiley & Sons.

[thanks to Matthias for lending me a copy]

I am hoping this book contains information which I can identify with and understand, make sense of, from the lived experience of psychosis, psychiatric treatment and recovery, on 3 separate occasions, also helping family members experiencing similar from the 1960's until now, in every decade.  I want to learn from the authors about cognitive approaches to working with people in psychosis because I believe that CBT can be a useful, therapeutic treatment and a preferred alternative to psychiatric drugs for those of us who don't like having (or being coerced) to take antipsychotics because they hinder our recovery. 

About the Authors

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