Tuesday, 9 February 2016

"it is impossible for anyone to establish the scale of competing financial interests" #SunshineAct for Scotland

Here is a letter submitted to Scottish Parliament by Dr Peter J Gordon, Consultant Psychiatrist, to support his Petition, PE1493 A Sunshine Act for Scotland:



29 January 2016: at Public Petitions Committee Meeting @ScotParl 26Jan16 to hear Sunshine Act for Scotland PE1493 

22 January 2016:  A Sunshine Act for Scotland Petition PE1493: 26 January 2016 Robert Burns Room @ScotParl 

9 January 2016: A Sunshine Act for Scotland Petition @ScotParl: Why no reference to Scottish Health Council Consultation? 

8 June 2015: A Sunshine Act for Scotland Petition PE1493 by Dr Peter J Gordon: under consideration 9 June 2015 @ScotParl 

23 April 2015:my #BMJ Response: 'Sunshine Act for Scotland: transparency, independence and accountability' 

18 March 2015: 31 March 2015: Sunshine Act for Scotland Public Petition PE1493 @ScotParl. Again. I'm looking for action. 

28 January 2015: my tweets after watching #SunshineAct for Scotland petition being discussed on @ScotParl video 27 January 2015 

23 January 2015:  Sunshine Act for Scotland Petition Goes Before Parliament a 3rd Time 

13 November 2013: Sunshine Act for Scotland petition Dr Peter J Gordon, Public Petitions Committee 11 Nov 14 Scottish Parliament (outcome? ask Scottish Government)

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