Tuesday, 2 February 2016

collectivism versus empire building; remembering SRN/Penumbra Jun08 WRAP divisions

A short rant about the folk in Scotland who are going for gongs and celebrity, pushing their own interests above others.  Very irritating.  Because it elevates some and does nothing for the grassroots.  Rather it shores up the divisions, between them and us.  Keeps some of us downtrodden and excluded, left out of the party.

I've seen a lot of it since getting involved in mental health matters in 2008.  Under the banner of "recovery" through the vehicle of SRN.  Which isn't a network, rather an empire, regardless of its name.  Managed by Penumbra who push their own agenda through the news pages, selling products like Nova and I.Roc.  Making fools of us all.

I came up against the dominance of SRN/Penumbra in June 2008 at the WRAP facilitator training in Edinburgh when I was given a warning over the phone by the SRN "director" that I might fail, not get my certificate.  Because the Penumbra trainer had reported back negatively about me.  I was very annoyed.  You might say furious.  And so began various attempts to have me conform.  But I'm non-conformist.  And got excluded, bullied and badmouthed.

I don't want to be part of a group which expects conformity.  Too old for that nonsense.  I didn't recover from mental illness to be put in a straitjacket by SRN/Penumbra. 

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