Friday, 8 January 2016

requesting an update on Psychological Therapies in Fife

Yesterday morning I sent an Email to Dr Kathryn Cheshire, Head of Psychological Services, NHS Fife:

Strapline: update on Psychological Therapies in Fife: 8 new therapists; waiting times; computerised CBT; having to provide therapy to/for my son

"I am writing to ask you for an update on Psychological Therapies in Fife.  In relation to the NHS Fife Integrated Performance Report November 2015.  I gave up spectating at board meetings in June 2015.

Firstly can you please let me know the progress on the appointing of "8 new therapists".  Where these posts are based, what areas they will cover eg community based, adults/young people, East/West/Central, specific type of therapy - CBT, mindfulness, IPT, or whatever. 

Is there any progress on the waiting times?  I notice that the October 2015 Actual Performance was 67.6% against the National Standard of 90%. 

The report mentions a "European wide initiative widening access to computerised CBT as an alternative to referral".  Can you please give me more information about this?  Have community venues been identified?  Do you have a link to this initiative so that I can share it on my blog?  

"Therapeutic group work": can you please give me more information about this?  Location, content, context, group membership.  Anything that will help me understand how the groups will operate.  I am a qualified community education worker and an experienced group facilitator, as well as a qualified FE lecturer in care subjects.  Therefore this is a topic which particularly interests me.  Especially since my family have never been able to access any groups led by clinical psychologists in Fife.  We couldn't even access CBT in 2012/13 when asking for it, in our area of NE Fife.  We were only given mindfulness despite making it very clear we were looking for CBT help.  Therefore I had to use CBT techniques in supporting my son in his recovery.

The only person to support my son and I in 2012 after his abusive treatment in Stratheden Hospital was his psychiatrist Dr David Reid.  We did not get any help from clinical psychology, community mental health nursing or social work, despite my completing a Carer Assessment form.  Rather there were attempts made to blame me in an Adult Protection Investigation report.  This was unsuccessful, mainly due to the testimonies of the psychiatrist and my son's former CPN.  My conduct was investigated while the NHS Fife staff who used a locked seclusion room with no toilet or drinking water for "managing" patients continued to do so, denying basic human rights, until October 2014.  Just after SPSO upheld my complaint against the Fife health board which had taken me 30 months of campaigning.

I was accused of causing "psychological harm" to my son when he was a locked-in patient of Stratheden Hospital, subject to human rights abuse.  My reputation was attacked by Fife statutory agencies because I challenged the abusive situation in the Stratheden IPCU/Ward 4.  Yet prior to this my work with Peer Support Fife was funded by Fife Council and NHS Fife eg running events like Promoting Inclusion with Peter Bates from NDTi, March 2010, Kirkcaldy, and the Service User Participation and Leadership conference with Mary O'Hagan, NZ, in March 2011, St Andrews, which was attended by various senior managers from NHS Fife and Fife Council (however not clinical psychology).

Since 2012 I have supported my son psychologically in his recovery.  He lives with me and in these 4 years I have provided 24/7 care, in the early days having to work with him through the flashbacks from the abusive treatment in the IPCU.  I want to be clear about this.  I provided psychological therapy to and for my son.  Person-centred counselling, in the style of Carl Rogers (I studied this in my PGDipCE) and CBT techniques.  I am a reflective practitioner and an experienced communicator, and listener.  Which is very fortunate, considering what my son had to go through in 2012.  Whistleblowing about the psychiatric abuse while his mother singlehandedly campaigned for justice, at the same time participating in various groups from the carer and psychiatric survivor perspective, including the DClinPsy groups at both Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities.

I met with you twice, in 2010 and 2011, to discuss the situation in Stratheden Hospital, regarding the lack of appropriate psychological therapy in the wards, for patients.  I remember that your response was that you had no authority in Stratheden Hospital.  I found this odd since you are, and were, the Head of Psychology.  The Head of OT in Fife said similar to me when I met with her in 2011.  That she wasn't into "micromanagement" in relation to what went on in Lomond Ward.  [at that point I had no experience of the IPCU, didn't know they used a locked seclusion room on patients]

My hope is that all mental health senior managers in NHS Fife are now "involved" with what goes on at Stratheden Hospital.  For the sake of the patients and their carers.  I wouldn't want anyone else to go through what my son and I had to go through in 2012.  Bullying by staff and a ganging up by managers.  Trying to blame a mother for an abusive system and bad management.  

I will be putting parts of this Email in a blog post, to inform others.  I look forward to receiving your response.

Yours sincerely,


cc Paul Hawkins, Graham Monteith, Roderick Campbell"

[this is the complete content of the Email sent to Dr Cheshire]

*Paul Hawkins is the Chief Executive, Graham Monteith is Acting General Manager for Mental Health, both NHS Fife; Roderick Campbell is MSP for North East Fife.

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