Monday, 11 January 2016

recovery and healing

I am glad to see the new year in, the hope that it brings.  Fresh starts.  Possibilities.  After 5 months of ups and downs.  Physical, mental and spiritual challenges.  Having to negotiate strange waters and shifting sands.  Altered mind states.  Not unpleasant but on occasion unsettling.  A time of transition.  Only having to take a benzodiazipine twice in August so as to get to sleep.  

Helped on my journey by family, and friends who are mental health professionals but who went through the madness with me.  Digitally, by Email and social networks, in the main.  It was a great help.  Risky for all of us.  A rollercoaster.  Exciting and unnerving.  Not boring.  Which is the main thing.  I really don't like being bored.

Here's tae recovery and healing!  It can happen much more quickly and effectively without having to engage with psychiatric services.  That has been my experience this time around.  I made this cushion during the transition, knitting the various pattern stitches and buying a remnant in Glasgow to sew on the back and sides.  A positive reminder to me of the journey and coming through safely:

Nautical Adventure, setting sail on a journey of stitch discovery, from left to right: narrow basketweave, diagonal stripes, double moss stitch, wide basketweave, chevron stitch, triangle stitch.



  1. I count myself as most fortunate to be a friend of Chrys Muirhead.

    Keeping an open mind can be unnerving for us all. However it is worth it.

    We have so much more to learn from experience. This might be one of the most important reminders for us all. From this may come alternative or complementary ways of supporting, healing and recovery.

    Here's tae a New Year for us all and Chrys provides us with a great start.

    Peter Gordon