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NES commissioned review of EbE in DClinPsy training - is there any update? no information in last 6 months

Here is an Email just sent to Judy Thomson, Director of Training for Psychology Services, NHS Education for Scotland:

Strapline: Re: Nes commissioned review - is there any update? no information in last 6 months

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"Dear Judy

I am writing to you regarding the two DClinPsy user carer or EbE groups at Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities, and the update on what's happening, regarding the meaningful involvement of people with "lived experience" in the training of clinical psychologists in Scotland.

You did say last June 2015 that you would regularly update me.  That hasn't happened.  I am hoping that it is just an oversight and not that nothing has been happening?

I have heard very little from anyone about the CUSP or APEX groups.  To remind you, I was on both groups for about 3 years from their inception in 2011.  I attended two Stakeholder events in Edinburgh and took part in CBT and IPT workshops at the Wolfson, Glasgow, as part of my involvement on the CUSP group.  I left that group suddenly because I felt that my views were not appreciated or respected, in particular to do with children and ECT.  At the last meeting I attended in Glasgow I felt that I was bullied by other group members.  One of whom was a paid worker with a voluntary sector mental health organisation ....... .

I stopped being involved with the APEX Edinburgh group because it seemed that after 3 years we were not getting to work with trainees.  Latterly I was invited to take part in a psychosis seminar but wasn't involved in any planning.  It seemed like a last-minute affair.  Filling in a slot.  Telling my story, sharing my life experiences, and not being part of the team.  Having to chase up any expenses or payment after the event.  I felt very unappreciated.  Especially considering my qualifications and life experience of community work, project management, lecturing and facilitating training to a wide variety of people over 30 years.

I look forward to hearing your update on how NES is being serious about the involvement of people with "lived experience" of mental health problems and recovery on your clinical psychology training courses.  I am still interested in what's happening.  I haven't given up hope of EbE being meaningfully involved in Scotland's mental health world even if I haven't seen any evidence of it.  Yet.

Regards, Chrys

cc Matthias Schwannauer, Andrew Gumley, Neil Millar, Hamish McLeod, Gavin Richardson, David Gillanders, Geraldine Bienkowski, Penny Curtis [DClinPsy academics, NES staff & a Scottish Government civil servant"


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