Friday, 8 January 2016

conversations and connections

at Springfield Station bus stop
This is a wee blog post about recent travels in buses to shop and keep fit, in swimming pools and gyms.  Sharing stories with people in various places.  Having things in common and being (mostly) encouraged by the connections. 

A selection:
  • finding a material shop by accident when looking for dancing shoes; a one woman business with a wide choice of fabrics in a small space; various textures, pattern books; started after being made redundant; came away with a length of herringbone
  • hearing how a woman's partner had taken his own life last year due to bankruptcy, the shock; another relative had mental health issues affecting their life but made a recovery; my mention of being an activist and campaigner stimulating the conversation
  • speaking about wild water swimming and skills training at the Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh, the response from a younger woman as to how she swam the River Tay one year; thinking of the possibilities
  • sitting with a mother and carer on the bus home, we've known each other 12 years, our sons ex-patients of Stratheden; her son much older, on the bus; us women having a laugh while also remembering hard times, the pain of caring; holding the hope
  • blethering with people in queues about austerity, difficult cultures, what causes dementia, gangsters carrying shotguns (not me), buses running late due to flooding, the mark up cost of products on sale, the problems with flu injections etc ...
Asking questions and finding out information, because people generally do like to help others.  Mutual exchanges.  Giving and receiving feedback.  Learning and understanding more, about timetables and bus stops.  Thankful to be mobile and able to run if necessary with a heavy rucksack full of swimming and fitness gear, brolly at the ready.

new umbrella with press button

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