Friday, 22 January 2016

A Sunshine Act for Scotland Petition PE1493: 26 January 2016 Robert Burns Room @ScotParl

Dr Peter Gordon's Sunshine Act for Scotland Petition PE1493 is to be discussed again in Scottish Parliament at the Public Petitions Committee meeting on Tuesday 26 January 2016 in the Robert Burns Room.  

Meeting starts 10am, Sunshine Act is under point 2 on the Agenda (see link to Papers), likely to be at around 11.30am, depending on how long previous agenda items take.

The Public Petitions Committee meeting will be broadcast live on the internet and can be viewed here

A Sunshine Act for Scotland Petition PE1493

Letter from Dr Peter Gordon, 22 January 2016, a response to "Professor Kinsella’s letter, as Chair of SIGN, of the 19th January 2016 to the Committee":


Extract from Dr Gordon's letter 22Jan16:

"... there is significant information missing from guidelines which still form the basis of healthcare across Scotland. The relevance of this to my petition is that it is now impossible to retrieve this information pertinent to these 35 guidelines and that, rather than have each and every individual organisation have to hold this kind of information, a single searchable database of all potential financial conflicts of interest, as provided for in a "Sunshine Act", would be a much more open and reliable approach."


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