Saturday, 19 December 2015

send in the clowns?


Yesterday I sent an Email to a friend and colleague which had "send in the clowns" in the strapline.  And here is a paragraph from it:

"Clowns are ok in the circus.  I saw Coco the clown, aged about 5 or 6, with my dad in a ringside seat at Billy Smart's circus, shook hands with him, and remember it to this day, fondly.  But I'm not happy about the clowning around that goes on in Scotland's mental health world and locally in Fife.  My whole family have been abused by psychiatry so I don't find it funny.  It's deadly serious for me.  My involvement in mental health matters.  It's not a game."

And I ended my correspondence with the phrase "I'm no good at passive resistance".


my dad Willie Patterson at our home in Perth

me aged 10, photo taken by my dad

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