Saturday, 19 December 2015

job applications update

I have decided to only apply for paid jobs that are mental health focused.  Mainly because I have spent the last 8 years up to my neck in mental health stuff and it would be silly to change direction at this stage.  But mostly because I have spent the last 45 years and more supporting family members in and out of psychiatric treatment.  Into recovery.  Myself included.

The only post I can see at the moment that might suit my capabilities and breadth of experience is this one at the University of Glasgow (website link):

Research Fellow

Reference Number - 011847
Location - Gartnavel Campus
College / Service - COLLEGE OF MVLS
Job Family - Research And Teaching
Position Type -Full Time 
Salary Range - £33,574 - £37,768

Job Purpose
To make a leading contribution to the NIHR-HTA funded study EMPOWER (Early Signs Monitoring to Prevent Relapse and PrOmote Wellbeing, Engagement and Recovery).


But I'm not a clinical psychologist.  I don't have a PhD.  I'm not a scientific writer (more sci-fi ...).  I don't understand some of the language written in the job description and I don't approve of some of the words used eg relapse, compliance, adherence, schizophrenia, 

Despite this I still think I could do the job!  So I'm going for it, prepared for rejection. 

Kirkcaldy pool 22Nov15
I've been a community development worker since 1980, managing projects, recruiting volunteers, delivering training, speaking at events and networking with all ages of people.  Nowadays using the internet to engage, write blogs, speak out and campaign.  And I'm a natural leader and action researcher, interested in people, asking questions wherever I happen to be, so as to find out what's going on.  For example recently on a tour of swimming pools, in Fife and elsewhere.  At the same time getting fit and avoiding or withstanding dodgy situations.

It's an online application and I've started filling it in.  Have identified 3 referees, friends and colleagues who are willing to back me up.  I look forward to the challenge of the chase.  There's a CV upload.  And this section which will take a bit of answering: "Please detail, point by point, how you meet the essential criteria?".  Or don't in my case ...

I will likely argue the case for shifting the criteria, to include psychiatric survivor experience.  For I think it makes sense to have a project leader who has been there, swallowed the pills, been subject to the special treatment, got the psychiatric labels, resisted the patriarchy, rebelled inside and eventually made a full recovery by taking charge of their own mental health.  3 times.


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